What’s included in the quoted daily rate?

The quoted daily rate includes rental of the car for 1 day, that includes pick-up anywhere, even a pick-up at the airport. The pick-up within 20km from our base is for free. Every km above 50 is charged with 3Kč/per km. The quoted daily rate includes tax.

Will I be charged if I return the car late?

Yes, you will be charged with appropriate sanctions depending wich car you rented. The amount we will charge you will correspond to the terms and conditions we agree on.

Do I need to return with a full tank of gas?

You must return the car in the exact same condition as you rented it. That means that the state of the tank must be the same as in the time you rented it.

Will i have to pay a deposit for the car?

Yes, on every car you rent you have to pay deposit. The amount of the deposit is 5000,- kč The deposit will be returned to you after you return the car in the same shape as you rented it.